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and get a Free Unlimited Access to MetaRing

Introducing MetaRing!

MetaRing allows to save multiple days of work every month allowing you to take care only of the critical tasks.

Repeated and boring stuff like Arranging projects workspace, Organizing the documentation and Setting up all needed test routines have been automated thanks MetaRing!

Stay always productive and synchronized everytime/everywhere, assuring and ensure the best Smart Working and Outsourcing experiences ever!

MetaRing is...


MetaRing is software framework provided as a service (SaaS) hosted on high performance reliable cloud provider. Always available everywhere anytime and non platform-specific.


Design your system quickly and accurately with our intuitive graphical user interface through any web browser.

Always Updated

MetaRing is always improving thanks to several partners and community feedback. More features and IDEs supported coming continuosly.

Don't reinvent the wheel everytime you start a new project!

With MetaRing, you just need to draw the architecture of your project and set its behavior in just a few steps and it will immediately generate for you:

the anatomy of the documentation,
your workspace with the code structure to be directly loaded in the IDE (Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse or Netbeans are currently supported, and more to come),
and the needed automated test plans (unit, integration, acceptance and commissioning tests).

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Join our Early Testing Phase

To develop MetaRing we use... MetaRing! So, we are providing the same distinctive experience we lived everyday building our service and our company.

In Metaring, we strongly believe that useful tools should be shaped thanks developers community that will use them, so, here we are, to invite you joining our testing phase!

Apply below to our Early Testing Program: providing feedback,
suggesting new features and capabilities, or,
simply testing the stability of MetaRing,
you will receive Free Unlimited Access
to the service.


Join #include: our Inclusive Community

#include is the perfect place where MetaRing engineers, users, testers and developers can meet each other and to stay tuned about new features and capabilities, to highlight issues and bugs or to report instabilities.

Joining the Early Testing Program, in addition to your credentials to access MetaRing for free unlimitedly, you'll have also the opportunity to join a special room on #include dedicated to all MetaRing testers.

Join #include

F.A.Q. about Early Testing Phase

Can't find the answer you need? Please, Ask us!

What we need to know before applying to join the Early Testing Program?

To apply for joining the Early Testing Program you neeed to satisfy a single requirements: you just need to be a software developer working with Java programming language and frameworks.

If approved, you will be granted free unlimited access to the service and all the resources you’ll need to start trying our solutions.

What we ask in exchange? Just a few minutes of your time, one in a while, to collect your direct feedback and openly hearing from you your ideas on how to improve MetaRing offer.

How can I provide feedback?

There are multiple ways you can help us!

Through #include, the Metaring Community, you will be able to join a room that connect all the other Early Testers together. A place where developers can remain updated on new features, share providing feedback or suggesting new capabilities.

In parallel, MetaRing Team will connect with you directly through emails and phone calls (scheduled in advance).

Which language/framework is supported by MetaRing?

We provide a set of standard code generators for Java (version 8+) and Java Spring (version 2.1.7+).

Your project workspace will be generated for Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse or Netbeans.

Our partners

We costantly increase our pool of friends! A lot of relations with other wonderful companies: an eco-systems to share our technology and knowledge and to enrich our mindset and experience!