Early-2020 Updates: Early Testing and Docker

Dear Metaringers,

Testing Landing Page: we worked so hard during the last month to make you able to value our service. So it’s now official: MetaRing is live and it’s available to a very selected audience, including you! This means that the Early Adoption version of MetaRing is up to be tested. This comes after a full upgrade of the alpha prototype that was available only on demand. The landing page containing all the details about the Early Adoption Program is available at the homepage of MetaRing #include community https://include.metaring.com/. In the same page developers can request to apply to receive the login credentials and to join the service; the URL can be shared across all your contacts, friends and/or colleagues that want to join MetaRing as well.

MetaRing :heart: Docker! We’re proud to announce that we have successfully “dockerized” the web interface application of MetaRing without any refactor effort! As part of our Business Model and our development roadmap, this will be a critical key point watershed for future provisioning of MetaRing in other cloud providers. Our team is constantly working on customising the service available for customers’ different needs. More news to come really soon!

As always, feel free to join this thread to have more details about new features and capabilities. And, as always, thanks for your support from all MetaRing Team! :slight_smile:

Francesco Baldassarri