Mid-2020 Updates! Almost Ready... ;)

Ciao MetaRingers!

It’s a pleasure for me to ignite this new “tradition”: periodic updates about the development of MetaRing’ stable branch.

So, let’s start with the Mid-2020 update!

SpringBoot, IntelliJ and more

SpringBoot Code Generators - Our Team implemented on MetaRing new code generators for SpringBoot applications, one of the most used frameworks for writing Web Applications in Java language.
From now on your production times and methods will be even more rapid and efficient thanks to the extreme and total integration between our powerful fully automated suite and the advanced lifecycle management of all Spring ecosystem components, allowing the use even in existing applications.

IntelliJ Idea plugin - The plethora of MetaRing-compatible IDEs expands further. Recently, we introduce, in addition to Eclipse and NetBeans, the opportunity to automatically manage and integrate the code generated by our web platform also in IntelliJ Idea, the Java environment widely used by developers all over the world by Jetbrains.
Just add to your existing IDE installation the plugin (available here https://github.com/metaring/platform-plugin-idea/tree/master/dist) and follow the very simple setting guide of the automatic configuration file (you’ll find it on our web platform): you will immediately receive the generated code directly inside your workspace for a more efficient, quick and pleasant coding session.

User Registration - Our stable release is now open! You can now directly register through our web platform and start enjoying the most perfect and efficient software development experience, thanks to MetaRing.

Feel free to join this thread to have more details about new features and capabilities. And, as always, thanks for your support! :slight_smile:

How it works
Happy to announce two more additions on app.metaring.com:

a. IDE Configuration file: in the very left side part of the UI, in the middle between upper coloured buttons and “Actions” section, there is te content of the “metaring.config.json” file that the user must save into the workspace of its favorite IDE, to automatically integrate its project with the generated code.

And, when the “Copy” button (the two-documents icon) is clicked, a message will appear on the very top of the screen:

b. Users can share projects!
Near the Generate button in the above bar, there is a new button called Users which let you manage (list, add, remove) all the users that are part of your team, and that will be notified when you edit your project.

And, it’s all for now.
Francesco Baldassarri